JUTAKAYU SDN. BHD., the Licensee of Forest Timber Licence No. T/3250, aspire to be a responsible manager of Pulang-Entunau Forest Management Unit (FMU).

JUTAKAYU SDN. BHD. is fully committed to:

  • Ensuring the sustainable management of the forest resources in this FMU over the long-term period to optimize the economic, environmental and social benefits to our stakeholders and future generation.
  • Ensuring that all field activities associated with the harvesting of the forest in this FMU are carried out in a manner to minimize the negative impact on the environment.
  • Implementing procedures to establish safe and healthy work practices for our workers.
  • Providing training, education and awareness programmes to our workers so that we have sufficient competent and capable employees to meet the sustainable vision of the forest resources in the FMU.
  • Implementing measures to protect the biodiversity and ecological values of the FMU especially the conservation of soil and water resources and wild life.

In line with the Sarawak Government’s requirement for long term Forest Timber Licences to undertake Forest Management Certification, Jutakayu Sdn. Bhd. is fully committed to undertake Certification for Sustainable Forest Management under the Malaysian Criteria an Indicators for Forest Management Certification (Natural Forest) of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme for Pulang-Entunau FMU under Forest Timber Licence No. T/3250.




       April 2019



Jutakayu Sdn. Bhd., the licensee for Forest Timber Licence, T/3250 and the owner of Pulang-Entunau FMU is committed to the Safety and Health of all employees.

To meet the above objective, we shall ensure that the matters listed below were carried out as far as practicable:-

a)    The working environment is safe and maintained for our employees.


b)    Facilities provided are maintained for the safety and health of the employees.

c)    Employees are provided with information, supervision and relevant trainings to ensure that they can perform their jobs safely and effectively.



d)    Provide our employees with protective equipment relevant to the workplace.


e)    Machineries and equipment provided are maintained in a safe working condition.


f)     Safety, Health and Employer/Employee Relations Committee will be formed to serve as a tool to better serve the safety and health of our employees.


g)    All accidents must be properly recorded and reported to Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSCH).


h)   There are procedures to handle emergencies that may occur while the employee is at work.

          June 2019


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